Time to Talk

Fun flexible engagement tool

15 minutos - 1 hora
Competitivo / Colaborativo
3 - Ilimitado


Time to Talk is the perfect tool to spark spontaneous conversations and spice up your meeting, whether online or offline. After brief onboarding, each player enters a breakout room and joins the game on their mobile phone or desktop. Time to Talk is an instantly accessible browser-based game, requiring no app download. The high energy kicks in as the platform randomly choose a speaker who must perform a customised challenge in a set amount of time. If they feel courageous enough, speakers can opt to increase the difficulty of their challenge, spicing things up even more. After their time elapses, the other players offer feedback to the speaker. Play then continues with someone else taking up the challenge. Play continues until everyone has had a turn in the hot seat!

Resultados de Aprendizagem

Time to Talk is designed to spark on the spot conversations and help players unlock spontaneity and creativity. Time to Talk gives an equal voice to each player and creates an inclusive space where everyone can contribute with their own perspective. The gameplay offers the right setup for nurturing a feedback culture and for active listening. As a result, it creates a bond between players that boosts motivation, engagement and strengthens corporate culture.

Time to Talk is fully customisable to your requirements. Choose the total duration of the activity, the number of rounds and the timeframe given to each speaker. Competitive or collaborative? Choose an informal networking activity that sparks fun conversations. Or, have your bespoke learning content embedded into Time to Talk for a more serious outcomes-based activity.

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